Share flip video on your own website(Part ii)

When you take some cool videos with your flip cameras and you want to share flip video with other people online, you will need to upload flip video to web. The Flipshare software offers the solution to direct uploading flip video to YouTube and other websites; however, you will have to live with the size limit and the lack of customization of your videos. How about uploading flip videos to your own website with any quality and flexible customization to share them with your customers, friends and Family?

Part One: Convert flip video to Flash on Mac

Part Two: Upload flip video to Web

After the conversion, you can click on "Find target" on the bottom of the main interface to locate the converted files. When you open the folder, you will find multiple folders, each folder contains the contents of one converted flip video.

For example, if a video is named "family-video", you will find a folder named "family-video-xxx..", open this folder and you can see the following files in it: AC_RunActiveContent.js, family-video.flv, family-video.html, family-video.jpg and family-video.swf.

Share flip videos on your own website

Now you need to upload Flash to web, all you need to do is to upload all the files in the "family-video-xxx.." folder to your FTP, after the upload, you can view this video on your website. Let’s take an example: If you website is and you uploaded the files to the directory of videos/homevideo/, you can now directly view the video using the URL of

If you want to embed this video to an existing page, you can open the family-video.html file with a Text file, then copy the part of source codes from "<object classid=" to "</object>", and paste this part of source codes to where you want to place this video on the existing page.

You can now enjoy flip videos on your own website!

If you want to share your flip video on players such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, mobile phones and so on, click here to see how.

Part Two: Upload flip video to Web




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With your app, I managed to sych my flip camcorder videos to iTunes!! You are super! - Frank from Vancouver.S
Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
I would say quite impressive. A nice app for my flip camera. No complaints! - Jessica from England.S