Why buy a Flip Ultra HD – Reasons to buy a Flip Ultra HD

The Flip video camcorder series are now very popular. But for potential buyers or people who already own digital cameras, they may wonder what’s good about flip camcorders, especially the Flip Ultra HD, which is the best selling among the Flip camcorder series.

According to a survey conducted by us among 300 Flip Ultra HD users, the following are the top reasons to buy a Flip Ultra HD:

Reason 1: The Flip Ultra HD is very easy to use.
The Flip Ultra HD is heavier and bigger than its previous siblings. It has a larger screen, which is 2 inches, 0.5 inches more than its previous siblings. And this also makes a Flip Ultra HD easier to be held while taking videos.

When you go out camping or hiking and you want to shoot videos, you can carry a Flip Ultra HD easily on your pocket and it is a lot more convenient than carrying a big regular digital camera everywhere you go.

Reason 2: The Flip Ultra HD takes quality videos
The Flip Ultra HD takes videos with the resolution of 1280*720, much better than a quality of videos taken by a regular digital camera. And it takes up to two hours video and this is enough for lot of occasions.

Reason 3: The Flip Ultra HD does a great job taking spontaneous moments
There are many times that you may need to take videos of planned sessions. However, this will miss out all the good spontaneous moments that you can take with an easy camcorder like a Flip Ultra HD that can easily take non-stop videos for a long time so the chances of capturing the spontaneous moments are much bigger.

Reason 4: The Flip Ultra HD has DHMI output
The Flip Ultra HD has a DHMI output located on the side, which makes it possible for this camcorder to connect a high definition television so you can view your videos instantly. And this saves you the effort to transfer or even convert your videos that you have to do with some other video cameras.

Reason 5: Flexible to recharge a Flip Ultra HD
The Flip Ultra HD comes with a set of AA-size rechargeable batteries. You can easily charge the camcorder just by connecting it to the USB port on your computer via its flip-out USB connector., and the charging time is about 6 hours.

You can also charge it on a power adapter and it takes about 3.5 hours to get your Flip Ultra HD fully charged on a power adapter.

Reason 6: Easily upload your videos to YouTube
Like all its siblings, the Flip Ultra HD allows you to easily upload your flip videos to YouTube by the Flipshare software that comes with your camcorder, which is a great PLUS for users who often upload their own videos to Youtube.

Reason 7: The Flip Ultra HD makes excellent gifts for your loved ones including kids
Conventional digital cameras and video cameras do make good gifts, but they are usually more expensive and quite complicated to use, especially for your seniors and kids. But anyone can use a Flip camera due to its easy one-button recording feature, and sometimes you can be amazed by the excellent and spontaneous videos taken by your kids.

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Ref: If you want to easily edit the videos taken by a Flip Ultra HD, click here to see how to easily edit flip videos.

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