How to use a Flip Video Camera

Step 1: Before Using Flip Video Camera
If you bought your Flip Video Camera from a store, make sure it is not broken. If you bought it online, before you start to take flip videos, open the box and make sure the Flip Video Camera is not broken.

Step 2: Turn On Flip Video Camera
Turn on your Flip Video camera by pushing the power button on the right side of the camera when lens is NOT facing you.

Step 3: Record with Flip Video Camera
Aim the lens of your Flip Video camera at what you want to record and press the Red button below your Flip Video screen to start recording. You can see what is being filmed through the screen.
At the box around the red recording button, you will see a plus and minus symbol on the box. Press the plus symbol to zoom in when you are recording. Press the minus symbol to zoom out when you are recording.

Step 4: Finish Recording with Flip Video Camera
When you want to finish recording, press this red button again to finish recording.

Step 5: Watch Flip Videos
Watch what you have recorded by pressing the Play button on the left side of the red Recording button.

Step 6: Browse Flip Videos
Scroll through your recorded flip videos by pressing the left and right arrow keys at the box around the red recording button.

Step 7: Transfer Flip Videos to Computer
Plug your Flip Video Camera into the USB port on your computer to download your flip videos onto your computer. This will also automatically download the Flip software onto your computer.

Step 8: Turn Off Flip Video Camera
Turn your Flip Video camera off by pressing the power button you used to turn it on.

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Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
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