Flip video accessories – flip soft pouch, flip underwater case, flip USB cable

Like most popular gadgets, flip video camcorders also come with a series of accessories to let flip video camcorder users better enjoy their flip camcorders. The flip video accessory kit includes flip soft touch, flip USB cable, flip video tripod, flip video underwater case and flip video skins.

Flip Soft Pouch

Flip soft pouch is made to protect your flip video camcorders. A flip soft pouch can snugly fit your flip camcorder. With a flip soft pouch, you can attach your flip camcorder to a bag or other personal gears to easily take your flip video anywhere you go. Flip soft pouch has five colors available: black, silver, orange, pink and green.

Flip Video Skins

Flip video skins can better protect your camcorder. They are made of soft grip semi-translucent silicon. Together with flip soft pouch, flip video skins give ultimate protection to your flip video camcorders. Each skin package has three different colors: orange, pink and white.

Skque Pure Digital Flip Mino HD Silicone Skin Case ( Green / Blue / Pink / Black / Smoke / Clear ) + USB Car Charger + USB Wall Charger + Black / Red Sleeve Case + Extension USB Cable Bundle Kit Set

Flip USB Cable

Flip USB cables are to connect your flip camcorder to any computer. They come really in handy when your computer USB ports are a little hard to reach. Flip USB cables have different colors to match your flip camcorders: Orange, Pink or White.

Flip Video Underwater Case

Flip video underwater cases make it possible to shoot underwater videos or use flip video camcorders in wet conditions. Flip underwater cases are specially designed for Flip Ultras. With this case, shooting and sharing water sports becomes very easy.

Flip Video Action Mount

When you want to free your hands and let your flip videos shoot your own actions, you will need a flip video action mount. It can securely attach flip video camcorders to outdoor gears. It is a very good tool for cyclists, bikers and other athletes who want to record on-the-go actions.

Flip Video Tripod

A flip video tripod is a very useful portable device to mount flip video camcorders. You can set up a flip video tripod on both even and uneven surfaces and record anything including yourself. It comes with 5 sets of interchangeable rubber feet and the colors are black, white, orange, pink and green.




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