Convert Flip SlideHD video to enjoy Flip SlideHD to the fullest

The Flip Video has just released the newest flip video camcorder – Flip SlideHD. This newest Flip video camcorder has a 16GB memory and allows users to take up to 4 hours of HD video. And you can even watch flip SlideHD videos on HD TV. With flip SlideHD, you may take more and more videos. To better enjoy your flip SlideHD videos, you need a Flip SlideHD Converter to convert Flip SlideHD video to all different players such as iPhone, iPod, PSP etc, to all sorts of different video formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP etc, and to applications such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie and so on.

Doremisoft Flip Converter works perfectly as a Flip SlideHD converter to easily get the above work done. And you can also easily edit Flip SlideHD video with Doremisoft Flip Converter.

The following steps will guide you through on how to convert flip SlideHD Video:

Step 1: Import flip SlideHD video
Click the "Add File" button to browse and add your flip SlideHD videos that have been imported onto your computer:

Convert Flip SlideHD video on windows with Flip Converter

Step 2: Select an output format to convert flip video
Click the "Profile" drop-up list to select an output format for each flip video. Here you will find all different format profiles. Select the profile you prefer by clicking on it.

Convert Flip SlideHD video on windows with Flip Converter

Step 3: Edit Flip SlideHD video.
Click on the "Edit" button on the main interface to crop SlideHD video and edit slideHD video effects. Click the "Clip" button on the main interface to trim SlideHD video length.

Convert Flip SlideHD video on windows with Flip Converter

For detailed how-to, please see our Edit Flip Video guide.

Step 4: Start to convert flip video
Click the "Start" button to start the flip SlideHD video conversion. After the conversion, click "Open" and you can find all the converted files in the opened folder.

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With your app, I managed to sych my flip camcorder videos to iTunes!! You are super! - Frank from Vancouver.S
Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
I would say quite impressive. A nice app for my flip camera. No complaints! - Jessica from England.S