Burn flip videos to DVD movies on mac osx with Apple iDVD

Flip video cameras have made is super easy to take videos, and many flip video camera users tend to have a big amount of flip videos taken on different occasions. One good way to store and archive flip videos is to burn flip to DVDs. Luckily, there is a good free software to burn flip video to DVD or create all Flip HD video to DVDs on Mac with Apple iDVD. iDVD is said to support AVI DVD, MOV and MP4 formats, but many users are experiencing problems trying to import videos to iDVD. Now the detailed guide for you about burning flip recorded video to DVD on Mac OS.

How to Use iDVD to burn flip video to DVD for Free on Mac?

1.Open the iDVD application (under the Machintosh HD icon from the Applications folder).

2.Click on "Create a new project" to create a new project. Make sure to select the correct aspect ratio. Then name your project.

Burn Flip to DVD on mac with Free Flip to DVD Creator

3.Choose a DVD menu theme for your DVD. Each template comes with an entry theme and other screens with accompanying chapters

Burn Flip to DVD on mac with Free Flip to DVD Creator

4.Rename the title of the iDVD movie with your own tiele.

5.Under the Tabs icon, you can see the Drag Zones. Drag pictures and music into these blank boxes. You can also add music from your iTunes to your DVD menu.

6.Now, drag the converted flip videos into the movie drop zone of the selected template and you will see them to be put on the menu for the DVD.

7.And the final Step, click on Burn and iDVD will start burning your flip video DVDs.

For more tutorials of iDVD, you can find some video tutorials from Apple at http://www.apple.com/ilife/tutorials/#idvd

Anyway, if you prefer to use other easy-to-use DVD and more featured burning application, Doremisoft Flip Video to DVD creator for Mac would be your excellent choice.

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With your app, I managed to sych my flip camcorder videos to iTunes!! You are super! - Frank from Vancouver.S
Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
I would say quite impressive. A nice app for my flip camera. No complaints! - Jessica from England.S