How to E-mail your flip videos to friends and family

If you have taken some good flip videos, you may want to share your flip videos with your friends and family. To share flip videos, you can directly send your flip videos to your friends and family on a disc or save them on any mobile memory devices. But if they live quite far from you and you want to save the money from post, you can just E-mail flip videos to the people you want to share with.

Method One: E-mail flip video with Flip share

Step1: Connect your flip camera to you computer using the USB port and open your Flipshare software. When Flipshare automatically displays the videos needed to be downloaded to your computer, then select the Flip Videos you want to E-mail and click "Save to computer."

Step2: From left list, select the flip videos from the camcorder folder and click the "Email" option at the bottom of the Flipshare window. Then you will see a new window, where you can input your name, your E-mail address and the receiver’s E-mail address.

Step3: On the right side of the window, you can see a screenshot of the video you will be E-mailing. Now you can add more videos by dragging and dropping them here from your Flipshare.

Step4: Click "Share" when you are sure to E-mail the flip videos. The progress will be shown on the lower left and you will see a message telling you it is successful when it is done.

Method Two: E-mail flip video directly from your E-mail account

Usually if you send attachment via E-mail, there is a size limit, and the limit varies depending the E-mail server you use. Therefore, to E-mail flip videos, you need to resize them to make them smaller. If you have already bought Doremisoft Flip Converter, you can E-mail flip videos by downsizing them with this application with the following steps:

Step 1: Add flip video
Click the Add button to add the flip videos you want to E-mail from your hard drive.

Email your flip videos

Step 2: Select the format to downsize flip video
Click the Arrow to the very right of the Profile field to open the Profile list, and move your mouse pointer to Common Video, and then scroll down to the Common Video list to “FLV File”. And then check the “Apply to All” option on the lower right so all added videos will be converted to the selected FLV format.

Email your flip videos

Step 3: Convert
Click the big red button on the lower right to start the conversion. After the conversion, the folder where the converted files are saved will be opened. Now, if you take a look at the sizes of your videos, you will find that they are much smaller. I did a conversion and a flip video with the original size of 24.8M got downsized to 4.5M after the conversion.

And now, you can just add the converted videos as attachments to your E-mail and share them with your friends and family!

If you want to do some easy editing before E-mailing your flip videos, you can follow this guide to see how to easily edit your flip videos.

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