How to Burn Flip Video to DVD on Windows

Many flip video camcorder users tend to take many flip videos since it is very easy to take videos with a flip video camcorder. When you take quite a big amount of flip videos, you may run into the issue of backing up flip videos or archiving flip videos. Saving your flip videos on your computer hard drive or on a mobile hard drive is for sure an option, if you have enough space on your hard drives. But a better solution would be burning flip to DVD so you can easily store your flip videos or share them with your friends and family.

If you are running Windows OS, you can use Window DVD Maker to do the burning. However, flip videos are mostly in MP4 formats, which are not supported by Windows DVD Maker. So you need to convert flip to Windows DVD Maker supported formats, for example WMV. To do the conversion from flip video to WMV, Doremisoft Flip Converter is an excellent choice.

Part One: Convert flip to Windows DVD Maker

Step 1: Add flip videos to Doremisoft Flip Converter
Click the "Add File" button to locate the flip videos you want to burn from your hard drive, select them, and click "OK" to add them to Diremisoft Flip Converter.

Import flip to Windows DVD Maker with Flip Converter

Step 2: Select WMV format as the output format
Click the "Profile" drop-up list, you will see all the preset profiles, move your mouse cursor to "Common Video", and you will see all the preset common video formats to the right, scroll down to the very bottom, and you will see WMV Video. Click on it to select it.

Import flip to Windows DVD Maker with Flip Converter

Tip: Check the "Apply to all" option on the lower part of the screen (to the lower right of "Settings") so you don't have to select WMV format for all the added files one by one.

Step 3: Start to convert flip video
Click the "Start" button to start converting flip video to Windows DVD Maker WMV. After the conversion, click on the "Open" button and you can find all the converted files in the opened folder.

Part Two: Burn flip video to DVD with Windows DVD Maker

Step 1: Launch Windows DVD Maker
Click Windows Start Menu –> All Programs –> Windows DVD Maker to launch Windows DVD Maker.

Step 2: Add videos to Windows DVD Maker
Click on 'Add items' in the top toolbar of Windows DVD Maker. Browse and add the videos you have just converted from the output folder of Doremisoft Flip Converter. Then you can check the total time length of the DVD and name your DVD in the 'DVD title' text box.

Burn Flip video to DVD movies with Windows DVDMaker

Burn Flip video to DVD movies with Windows DVDMaker

Step 3: Set DVD Options
Click on 'Options'. In the 'DVD Options' dialog, you can select an aspect ratio, TV standard (NTSC or PAL, if your DVDs will only be viewed in USA, you can just select NTSC), and you can also set the DVD burner speed, etc.

Under 'Compatibility' tab, you can enable or disable video filters installed on your PC.

Click 'OK' to save the settings you have just set.

Burn Flip video to DVD movies with Windows DVDMaker

Step 4: Customize DVD Menu
Click 'Next' to go to the 'Ready to burn DVD' page. In the pane on the right side, select a 'Menu Style' from the available menu styles. You can also click on “Customize menu” to change the font settings, choose between several button styles for the 'Scenes' view of the DVD, select foreground/background videos for the DVD menu, and select the background audio etc.

When you are done with the changes, click on 'Change Style'.

Burn Flip video to DVD movies with Windows DVDMaker

Burn Flip video to DVD movies with Windows DVDMaker

Step 5: Preview and burn
Before you click the 'Burn' button, you can take a preview of your DVD by clicking the 'Preview' button to play the video, jump to chapters, and navigate through the DVD menu pages. Now, if everything is good, you can just insert a blank DVD disc to your disc drive and click the 'Burn' button to start burning. Then, you can just relax and wait for the burning to be finished.

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