Edit flip video in iMovie – Import flip to iMovie and edit flip video iMovie

Flip videos have now become very popular among users who want to shoot easy and fast videos. And quite a lot of these users are using Mac OS and need to edit flip videos in iMovie on their Mac machone; however, flip videos cannot be directly imported to iMoive and to edit flip videos using iMovie, you will have to convert flip videos to iMovie supported formats. Therefore, there are the following two parts to edit flip video in iMovie.

Part One: Import flip to iMovie
Since flip videos are not supported by iMovie, you will need a converter. Doremisoft Flip Converter is a very practical and easy to use Mac application for users to convert flip to iMovie video formats. Click here to download this application and follow the steps below to convert flip video to iMovie:

Step 1: Add flip videos
Click the "Add File" button to add the flip videos you want to edit in iMovie to Doremisoft Flip Converter.

Edit flip video in iMovie & import flip video into imovie

Step 2: Select an iMovie format for your conversion
Click the Profile drop-up list and select an iMovie format to convert your flip videos.

Edit flip video in iMovie & import flip video into imovie

Step3: Convert flip video to iMovie
Click the "Start" button on the lower right of the interface to start converting flip video to iMovie.

Part Two: Edit flip video on iMovie
Now your flip videos have been converted to iMovie supported video formats. Launch your iMovie and follow the steps below to edit your flip videos:

Step 1: Import the converted flip videos to iMovie
Select "Import Movies" from the File menu and use the browser to select the converted flip videos. You can hold down the "shift" button to select and add multiple files. Then click on the "+" button of your iMovie to create a new project, and name this new project.

Now you can see the imported videos in the video clips section of the iMovie. Drag and drop them into the timeline of iMovie.

Step 2: Arrange video orders
Drag and drop the video files in the timeline to arrange them in the order you prefer.

Step 3: Select transitions
If you want to apply transitions to the added videos. You can select "Transitions" at the Window menu, select the transition you want and drag it and drop it between any two scenes.

Step 5: Set start and end
Click on the click icon to switch to the timeline view. Here you can trim your arranged clips for more precise editing. Simply use the Playhead bar over the timeline and select your stop and end points.

Step 6: Crop and adjust video
Select one video clip and click on the Crop button to crop it. Select one or more videos, and click on the Video Adjustments icon to adjust the video effects.

Step 7: Other editing
The editing tools also allow you to add text, effects, and audio effects. You can try out and play around with these tools to see how you want to edit your videos.

Step 8: Export your movies
Click the "Share" menu and select "Export Movie" to export your movies. Now you will see the "Size to export" window, select the size according to the references shown on this window, depending on which devices you want to export your movies to.
iMovie seems to be more than enough for us to do the editing and it is not very easy to use. Actually, you can also use Doremisoft Flip Converter to do some easy editing. Click here to see how.




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With your app, I managed to sych my flip camcorder videos to iTunes!! You are super! - Frank from Vancouver.S
Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
I would say quite impressive. A nice app for my flip camera. No complaints! - Jessica from England.S