Edit Flip video in Final Cut Express-Import Flip to FCE and Edit Flip video in FCE

One of my friend just bought a Mac Book yesterday, and she’s trying to use Final Cut Express but her flip videos do not play. This question often happens to my brother who has a Flip Mino HD Camcorder. How do they get flip videos to play on Mac Final Cut Express, especialy Final Cut Express 4?

Know Something about Final Cut Express

Final Cut Express (FCE) is a non-liner video editing application produced by Apple, which is considered a "step" above iMoive and underneath Final Cut Pro. FCE’s interface is similar to that of Final Cut Pro (FCP) and supports the latest AVCHD-format camcorders, yet not Flip camcorder in MPEG-4 AVI/H.264 encoded MP4 format. So you will need a video converter to convert flip video to Final Cut Express supported formats, like dv, hdv, mov, etc.

Now Doremisoft Flip Video to Final Cut Express Converter is a good-professional video converter that can convert flip videos to FCE dv, hdv, mov, etc, but also do additional video editing, like crop, clip, rotate, join clips, add special effects, etc. With this Flip to FCE Converter for Mac, you will easily capture video from a Flip Slide/Ultra/Mino HD camera to Final Cut Express, and make flip cameras video work on Final Cut Express 4.

How to convert Flip Video to Final Cut Express and edit Flip Videos in Final Cut Express?

Step1: Save Flip Video to the computer
Connect your flip video camcorder to your computer via the usb arm. You will find your video files in FLIPVIDEO(F:)->DCIM folder. Just copy your videos to your computer.
Or install a built-in Flipshare in FLIPVIDEO(F:)---Setup_FlipShare.exe, install it and then you can manage your flip video files in its library.

Step2: Add Flip video files
After download and run Flip Video to Final Cut Express Converter, open the interface like below and add your flip videos.

Import Flip Video in Final Cut Express with Flip to FCE Converter

Step3: Set the output format and its destination
Select the output format in the drop-down list of "Profile", like DV. Specify its destination when click the "Browse" button.

Import Flip Video in Final Cut Express with Flip to FCE Converter

Tips: Before your video conversion, you can do further editing for your videos, like cut small clips, add special effects, etc.

Step4: Click "Start" button to start converting flip camera video to target format.
After successfully convert Flip to FCE supporting formats, you can import the video to Final Cut Express. Then enjoy your video editing in Final Cut Express, including Final Cut Express 4.




User Comments

With your app, I managed to sych my flip camcorder videos to iTunes!! You are super! - Frank from Vancouver.S
Fabulous software! I like the way the interface guides me to do the work, very easy! - Ben from AustraliaS
A wonderful company! I trimmed and merged lots of camcorder videos! Well done! - Ryan from Florida.S
I would say quite impressive. A nice app for my flip camera. No complaints! - Jessica from England.S