Why buy a Flip Ultra HD – Reasons to buy a Flip Ultra HD

The Flip video camcorder series are now very popular. But for potential buyers or people who already own digital cameras, they may wonder what’s good about flip camcorders, especially the Flip Ultra HD, which is the best selling among the Flip camcorder series.


Flip Ultra HD VS Kodak Zi8– Compare flip Ultra HD with Kodak Zi8

Many users who are looking into buying an easy and very portable video camcorder may be struggling if they should get a Flip Ultra HD or a Kodak Zi8, because these two camcorders are two of the best HD camcorders on the market and at the same price range.


The best flip camera after Flip Ultra, Flip Mino, Flip Ultra HD and Flip Mino HD

Pure Digital Technologies recently released the newest flip camera – Flip SlideHD. This newest flip camera is the most powerful flip camera compared to the former flip video series: flip Ultra, flip Ultra HD, flip Mino and flip Mino HD.


Edit flip video in iMovie – Import flip to iMovie and edit flip video iMovie

Flip videos have now become very popular among users who want to shoot easy and fast videos. And quite a lot of these users are using Mac OS and need to edit flip videos in iMovie on their Mac machone; however, flip videos cannot be directly imported to iMoive and to edit flip videos using iMovie, you will have to convert flip videos to iMovie supported formats. Therefore, there are the following two parts to edit flip video in iMovie.


Flip video to PowerPoint - Insert flip video to PowerPoint

Many users might use Flip video camcorders to record video clips and insert flip video to PowerPoint presentations. But flip videos cannot be directly inserted to PowerPoint. The newest version of PowerPoint – PowerPoint 2007 supports avi, asf, mpeg and WMV and flip videos are usually in mp4 and avi, however, the avi files directly taken by flip video cameras cannot usually be inserted to PowerPoint.


Flip video accessories – flip soft pouch, flip underwater case, flip USB cable

Like most popular gadgets, flip video camcorders also come with a series of accessories to let flip video camcorder users better enjoy their flip camcorders. The flip video accessory kit includes flip soft touch, flip USB cable, flip video tripod, flip video underwater case and flip video skins.


Useful flip video tips for flip video users

Many of you might have owned flip videos for a while, but there are still some flip video tips that you don’t know yet. The following are some flip video tips we would like to share:


How to use a Flip Video Camera

Step 1: Before Using Flip Video Camera
If you bought your Flip Video Camera from a store, make sure it is not broken. If you bought it online, before you start to take flip videos, open the box and make sure the Flip Video Camera is not broken.


Flip video review, flip video comparison, flip video specs

The Flip Video Camcorder by Pure Digital Technologies has four series: Flip Mino HD, Flip Mino, Flip Ultra, and Flip Ultra HD. A lot of users may wonder what the differences between these four flip video series are. The following flip video review form covers the most important flip vide specs:



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